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What I do

Hi, I'm Joschka Kintscher. I am a 28 year old digital media designer, web developer and music addict from Lemgo, Germany. I am currently working as a developer at Harvest in Manhattan, New York.

Joschka Kintscher
That's me!

What's in my toolbox

My most recent projects


B2B marketing web application

I designed and developed a primary marketing application for an international fashion label that needed to integrate seamlessly in the existing workflow and replace and automate regular manual tasks.

Since it's launch back in 2009 sales have risen by 21% and profit by 17%.

"Genginu" — Amazon product repricing

I developed a web-based application that allows merchants who sell their products over Amazon to control and monitor their inventory and automatically respond to price changes by competitors based on adjustable rules.

The application is based on Amazon's MWS API and was able to increase sales for it's users by 19% in the first 3 months.


Redesigning Marianne-Weber-Gymnasium Lemgo

The new look and feel of the website had to meet the guidelines defined by a completely reworked CI.

I applied an adaptive layout based on a 16/24 baseline grid to ensure legibility on different screen resolution and backed it up with my own CMS to provide extra functionality that can connect to the school's intranet to provide internal information.


myPromille for iPhone and iPod touch

Together with a fellow student I designed and developed an iPhone App in Objective-C that allows users to track their consumption of alcoholic beverages and calculates the respective BAC.

The App ranked #1 in the overall German App Store and was downloaded by more than 350.000 users in Europe.


Store / POS marketing toolkit

I developed a tool that allows retailers of an international fashion label to create their own customizable POS marketing media that is in accordance with the global CI of the label.

The software was distributed via CD and uses dynamic XML-based templates that are loaded at runtime and can thus be updated over the internet.



I founded a project team to plan, conceptualize and work on a homage to Disney Pixar's Cars in form of a short movie. We created storyboards and character designs.

All 3D work was done using Maxon Cinema 4D Studio.

Want it more personal?

I love to travel, discover stunning places and meet new people. My constant desire to improve and learn new things keeps me alive. Oh, and I consider programming art!

How to get in touch

Whenever you like, either tweet me or send an email to

My top 5 movies

  1. The Lord of the Rings
  2. Lions for Lambs
  3. Fightclub
  4. The Departed
  5. Hot Fuzz

My top 5 design books

  1. The Smashing Book
  2. Rework
  3. Smashing CSS
  4. CSS3 for Web Designers
  5. Adaptive Web Design